Soulful Lapis Collection

Be ready for an enchanting journey to the very essence of our soul, to the core of ourselves. Each piece of jewelry is an ode to life, to the beauty of creation, and to the magic of the mysteries that surround us. The "Merveille" charm symbolizes the mystery of life and invites us to delve into our own inner universe. Find the perfect bracelets, chains, long necklaces, elastic rings and earrings in the shades of blue. 

Earrings 1591 - Soulful Lapis

From $95.00

2 colors available

Be Poised Elastic Ring - Soulful Lapis


2 colors available

Be Hopeful Chain - Soulful Lapis

From $110.00

2 colors available

Beblue Jewelry is an ode to women, we want them to express their personality through our unique bracelets, dazzling earrings and refined chains.
Sterling silver, 14kt gold vermeil, agates, quartz, jasper and fine stones are combined with style and intention in our Montreal workshops.