Beblue Size Guide

You want to choose one of our jewels on our website but you are afraid of not taking a suitable size? We have designed this page to make it easier for you to view the size of our products and choose your jewelry with peace of mind!

Bracelet size

How to find the perfect bracelet size ?

1. Using a strip of paper, go around your wrist making sure that it follows the shape of the wrist.

2. Make it tight and make sure it fits your wrist well.

2. Mark the intersection between the two ends of the strip with a point then measure the length obtained.

And there you have your wrist size !

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Ring Size

Are you ready to find the ideal fit for that beautiful ring you've had your eye on?

1. Download the Ring Sizer app

- With Apple :

- With Google :

2. Open the application and follow the instructions:
- Take one of your rings and place it on the screen of your phone in the dedicated spot.
- Drag the cursor until the circle is the same circumference as your ring
- Record the measurement

And there you have your ring size !

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