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Beblue offers you a large selection of 925 silver jewellery. 925 silver is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of an alloy of metals.The metal alloy used in Beblue jewelry includes a tarnish retarding agent.Also, we favor this material, since it is hypoallergenic and exempts you from infections, especially with earrings.

Especially in the Be Surya jewelry models, Beblue uses golden beads called filled gold. Gold filled is a thick sheet, or layer, of 14kt gold alloy that is fused to a metal base. Unlike gold plating, gold filled is much more resistant, lightens, but retains its colour.

The pearl is a small sphere of mother-of-pearl, secreted by certain molluscs to neutralize foreign bodies such as grains of sand, parasites, insinuated between the mantle and the shell. Cultured freshwater pearls grow in mussels after they have been grafted by humans. The mollusc can support 30 to 50 scions and gives up to three harvests, each two years apart from the previous one. These pearls are commonly called “BIWA” from the name of a Japanese lake. Today, most of them come from Chinese lakes. They often have baroque, crumpled, rice-grain shapes, but increasingly they are almost perfectly spherical, competing in beauty and, above all, in price with cultured saltwater pearls.

Freshwater cultured pearls produced in Chinese lakes and rivers for the most part are today in the spotlight in the windows of jewelers.

The mother-of-pearl pearl is a pearl made by man, using the mother-of-pearl of molluscs. The shell of the molluscs is reduced to powder and then formed into pearls of pearl. The nature of the pearl remains natural although it is not formed naturally like a freshwater pearl.

Tahitian pearls are produced in the islands of French Polynesia. It is formed by black-lipped molluscs, which gives them these unique colours usually varying in shades of gray, silver, charcoal, or similar shades with many shades of green. Finally, their splendid colours and their singularity make these pearls pieces recognized as being high-end. At Beblue we mainly use Tahitian Baroque pearls, circled, to make it more accessible.

The necklaces are threaded on silk so that they do not damage your pearls. A knot between each bead is necessary for two primary reasons. The first is that if the silk thread breaks, you do not risk losing all the pearls making up your jewel. The second is that with a knot between each pearl they do not touch each other and therefore cannot wear out prematurely. It is therefore best to have your collar rethreaded once a year if you wear them regularly.

For a certain amount, we offer you the re-threading of your beads from your favourite Beblue jewellery.

Excluding normal wear and tear, Beblue offers you a 6-month warranty (subject to presentation of the receipt) for the repair of your jewellery. You can return your jewel by post or to the retailer where you purchased your products so that they can send it to us. Of course, a repair, cleaning or replating out of warranty can be carried out at any time. Please contact us for more information.

Repairs must be sent at your expense to the address:

Beblue – repairs

1474 Sherbrooke West, H3G1L3 Montreal, QC, Canada

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