Jewelry Care & Repairs

We recommend keeping your jewelery in a dry environment away from light, either in its original Beblue pouch or simply in a small plastic bag, so it will be protected from humidity and light.

Chemicals, beauty products and certain essential oils could alter the appearance of your jewellery, so it is important that they do not come into direct contact with them.

We offer a six-month guarantee valid on each of our jewels (upon presentation the invoice's). At the same time, all the elastics of our bracelets are guaranteed and will be replaced free of charge at any time. Out of warranty, we accept all forms of repairs.

However, it should be noted that after the first six months of warranty, repairs could be billed at the following prices:

• Rethreading of necklace or long necklace: $20.

• Refurbishment of rings

(cleaning, polishing, plating, crimp verification): $15.

• Additional repairs: A cost estimate will be made.

Except for exceptions, we do not accept to make changes on the initial design of our models. However, size adjustments can be made.