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The art of layering : How to layer your necklaces with elegance

Necklace Layering for the Statement woman

The layering necklace collection for the statement woman offers a range of unique, eye-catching pieces.

Express yourself through ingenious combinations of chains, pendants and textures, creating a set of statements that reflect your vibrant personality.


For the eclectic woman looking to express her creativity, our layering necklace collection offers a diverse range of textures, patterns and shapes.

Layer unique pieces to create a modern bohemian look that reflects your free spirit and individuality.

Be Hopeful Chain - Soulful Lapis

From $94.00

2 colors available

Be Charming

From $121.00

2 colors available


For the Layering Lover who believes in the power of detail, our selection of layering necklaces offers a plethora of choices.

From slender chains to bold pendants, each piece is an invitation to layer creatively for a unique and expressive style.

Be Refined Chain

From $170.00

2 colors available

Be Minimalist Chain

From $90.00

2 colors available

Be Fabulous Chain

From $196.00

2 colors available

Be Sassy

From $107.00

2 colors available

Necklace layering for the classic woman

Our selection of layering necklaces for the classic woman embodies timeless elegance.

Choose from delicate chains, fine pearls and refined pendants to create a layering piece that stands the test of time, reflecting the understated sophistication that characterizes the classic woman.

Be Real

From $145.00

2 colors available

Be Serene

From $170.00

2 colors available

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