Owner & Designer

Ambre Cadoux

Pearl culture and inspiration from elsewhere…
Ambre, a passionate jewelry designer.

Ambre Cadoux has always been truly passionate about elegant and original jewelry.

As a young girl, she spent many hours in the back of a jewelry shop owned by friends of her family located in the fashionable Parisian Marais district. Born into a family which valued art and included both jewelers and artistic photographers, Ambre had the innate and cultivated talent of selecting at first sight just the right stone or precise model that was sure to please the discriminating and connoisseur customer. In exchange, her jeweler friends were delighted to teach her the secrets and tricks of the trade.

Ambre grew up, never ceasing to wear carefully selected, chic and original pieces of jewelry for which she was always complimented by those around her. She moved to Canada, and worked in various fields while traveling the world. But she always longed to return to the jewelry world… Just as she had done as a child, she started again to design pieces on the corner of a table using the fantastic pearls she was able to carry home from her travels. All her friends were sold! Ambre, who bears her name well, then bought more pearls, and designed more pieces of jewelry, all of which were just as successful. She then launched her own brand, Beblue, to our greatest delight.

Curious of everything, perfectionist, and careful to use traditional handicraft assembly methods for her models, Ambre has been sharing with us her passion and exotic inspiration since 2009.