Our Materials



Sterling Silver means that it is made of 92.5% pure silver. 

The remaining 7.5% being an alloy of metals including copper. 

Sterling silver is a precious alloy which is the world reference in terms of jewelry. 

100% pure silver being too soft for jewelry making.


Money is associated with our inner world, our deepest emotions, moods and feelings. Associated with feminine energies, it is also a talisman of fertility and maternity protection.

Interesting fact: 

At Beblue, we practice silver recycling in our local Montreal workshops.


For a jewel to bear the 14kt vermeil designation, it must be made of 925 silver and then plated with 14kt gold.

Vermeil reduces the risk of allergy and reaction, as both metals are usually hypoallergenic. 

At Beblue, we have a high quality standard and we apply 14kt gold plating with a thickness of 2.5 microns, allowing you to wear your jewelry every day and without moderation.


This precious metal activates our connection to power, presence in the moment and our personal autonomy.

Interesting fact: 

According to some beliefs, gold has the particularity of coming from the stars, it was not initially formed on Earth. 

Gold would come from the explosion of a supernova or the fusion of two stars, which adds to its value.

Gold Filled

Gold filled is a thick layer of 14k gold applied to a brass or copper base.

In order to qualify as "gold filled", the weight of gold in the final jewel must be equivalent to one-twentieth of its total weight.

Compared to a piece of gold-plated jewelry, it's simply fifty to a hundred times more gold.

We then understand that gold-filled jewelry is more resistant than classic gilding.


Pink Aventurine

Properties: Helps to keep in touch with reality by inking – Brings energy and joy in case of depression – Gives a boost

Zebra Jasper

Properties: Stimulates the immune system -Brings comfort and reassurance - Gently develops our ability to change

Green Angelite

Properties: Promotes endurance and stability –Establishes peace and relaxation of body and soul – Soothes pain and psychic suffering


Properties: Helps to regain balance – Strengthens the will to take responsibility and go all the way – Gives silk confidence and endurance in difficult situations

White Agate

Properties: Brings a sense of security and peace – Heals inner anger – Stabilizes emotions

Blue Opal

Properties:Balances the body in water – Regulates body fluids and purifies – Eliminates toxins


Properties: Thins the blood – Strengthens the immune system – Purifies and protects against negative influences

Brazilian Sodalite

Properties: Promotes meditation – Helps relaxation – Corrects aggressiveness

Australian red jasper

Properties: Promotes meditation – Helps relaxation – Corrects aggressiveness

smoky quartz

Properties: Emotional calm, Responsibility and Self-confidence


Properties: Strength, Confidence and Determination

Our Pearls


Properties : Well-being, Charm and Purity

Freshwater Pearls

Properties : Soothes the mind

Tahiti Pearl

Properties : Reduce stress