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Vibrant Diwali

Step into a world of radiant colors and infinite possibilities with our Vibrant Diwali Collection.

Inspired by the joyous festival of lights in India, discover our jewelry in Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Vermeil. 

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Silky Haze

As a silk veil gently caresses the skin, the Silky Haze collection embraces you with its delicacy, transporting you to a world infused with elegance and grace.

This collection pays homage to women who embody both gentleness and strength, displaying resilience in the face of life's challenges.

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Soulful Lapis

Be ready for an enchanting journey to the very essence of our soul, to the core of ourselves.

Each piece of jewelry is an ode to life, to the beauty of creation, and to the magic of the mysteries that surround us.


Black Velvet

Welcome to the enchanting world of Black Velvet, where elegance and glamour come to life in a retro and voluptuous ambiance.

Inspired by the softness of velvet and timeless charm, this collection celebrates the art of classic elegance. 

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Lotus Whispers

Explore the captivating world of the Lotus Whispers collection, where ancient Egypt meets timeless elegance.

Inspired by the powerful energies of Egypt's past, this collection offers a touch of mystery and sophistication.