Shop With Ambre

Hello, my name is Ambre Cadoux, designer of Beblue jewelry!

On this page, you can find several of my favorite pieces and collections, presented in the form of short videos. This will allow you to observe the jewelry from different angles and better understand the effect it gives when worn. Also, these videos are linked to our Shopshare channel, which allows you to shop directly on our website for the items you like.

Discover my favorites and let me share my advice on how to wear the different jewels and whether they are the most comfortable for teleworking, to the most stunning for special occasions.

I hope you will enjoy my videos and that they will guide you in your choices on our site. Don't hesitate to make an appointment for a virtual shopping session, or contact us if you have any other questions!

Desert Kingdom Collection

Lollipop collection

Ginkgo collection

Ocean Mist Collection

Personalize your jewelry with the Charm Bar

3 jewelry arrangements and a little black dress

Water & Earth Collection

Autumn Spirit Collection

Oriental Blue Collection

Pink Terracotta Collection

Himalaya Pink Collection

FULL SUN Collection

SEDONA SPIRIT collection

Amber's favorite – SS21 earrings