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Made from fine stones and mother-of-pearl

Handcrafted in Canada - Affordable Luxury - Premium Quality Fine Stones and Pearls

Each bracelet is made with Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold Vermeil, freshwater pearls, mother-of-pearl, fine stones and charms designed by Ambre Cadoux. Stack them together and create the perfect set. 

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14kt Gold Vermeil

Our 14kt Gold Vermeil beads, handcrafted in Montréal, have Sterling Silver as their base material and a 2.5 micron 14kt Gold plating. This material is a remarkable choice for those seeking a blend of quality, timelessness, and versatility in their jewelry collection.

Gold Vermeil will enhance any outfit and will bring sophistication. Wear this jewelry with any other piece of jewelry and create a timeless and elegant set. Perfect for everyday looks or special occasions, our 14kt Gold Vermeil beaded jewelry will last forever and will not tarnish.


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Sterling Silver

Also called 925 Silver.

Our Sterling Silver beads, handcrafted in Montréal, are made of 92.5% pure Silver. This material is known for its durability, high-quality and timelessness. Our Sterling Silver is plated with a clear coat that will prevent tarnishing.

Our Sterling Silver beaded jewelry matches any style or color palette. It will elevate any looks, from casual to formal. This material remains a classic and timeless choice. This beaded jewelry will last and shine forever.


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Our Pearls beaded bracelets, made in Freshwater pearls or mother-of-pearl, are handmade in Montréal.

Go for ethically sourced and meticulously chosen pearls to exceed our quality standards. Freshwater pearls, that come from oysters, and mother-of-pearl, made from shell, are the ideal material for an elegant and sophisticated look.

These pearls come in various colors and will enhance any bracelets set and outfit. They are known for their soothing and relaxing properties.


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Fine Stones

Our Fine Stones beaded bracelets are handmade in Montréal. Ambre Cadoux, the designer, brings them from all over the world.

Fine Stones hold deep symbolic meanings and have significative properties. They can boost creativity, self-confidence, prosperity and have soothing and relaxing properties.

Fine Stones come in different colors and will go with any other piece of jewelry. Go for seasonal colors and choose the Fine Stones beaded bracelet that reflects your personality.