Our size guide

You want to choose one of our jewels on our website but you are afraid of not taking a suitable size?

We have designed this page to make it easier for you to see the size of our products and choose your jewelry with peace of mind!

About our rings

Most of our rings are elastic and one size fits all. Otherwise, for rings that are not elastic, we offer sizes ranging from 5 to 8.

To find out which size will fit you best, there are two ways:

Measuring the size of your jewelry:

To do this, we suggest you start by measuring the diameter of the interior of your ring, to compare it with the following table:

Measure your finger size directly:

First, simply cut a strip of paper and place it around the finger you want to wear the jewelry on. Mark the measurement of your finger with a pencil. Then simply measure the size between the two marks with a ruler, and compare it with the following chart to find out your size!

About our necklaces

Beblue offers several types of necklaces from short necklaces to long necklaces and many chains.

To find out the ideal size of necklace for you, and to get a better idea of the size of the ones we offer, you can use a piece of jewelry that you already own!

Simply detach your necklace and lay it on a flat surface to measure it more easily. Then simply measure it, being careful not to forget the clasp in the measurement. It is not necessary to measure the size of the pendants.

Finally, compare the size obtained with the following table, rounding up to the nearest size.

About our bracelets

As you can see, Beblue bracelets are only available in one size on our website.

So, to ensure that the bracelet fits perfectly on your wrist, you can indicate the size you want in the “note” section when you finalize your order, so that the perfect bracelet can be created for you.


To find your size, the process is similar to that used to find a ring size. Simply cut a strip of paper, place it where you want it, and with the space you would like to have for your wrist. Mark the measurement with a pencil, and

measure the size between the two marks with a ruler and compare it with the following chart to find your size!

If you already have a Beblue bracelet, it is possible to speak directly in number of ” pearls ” to add or remove.