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– Freshwater pearls
The cultured pearls are gems in their own right. Caring for his freshwater pearl necklaces is a necessity to keep them in all their original splendor. Also, we allow ourselves to dispense some precautions of use and practical advice:
Desiccation and cracking of mother-of-pearl Limestone and organic, the pearl is sensitive to atmospheric agents. In great heat, it can dry out and crack: it is the fate of necklaces that remain locked in the bottom of a bank vault or a jewelry box. If the pearl beautifies the wearer, it is embellished by the moisture that skin contact gives it.

The more we wear our freshwater pearl jewels, the happier and more hydrated they will be!

A pearl necklace (or other type of jewel) should be wiped off regularly with a soft, damp cloth. Remember to thoroughly clean each bead, even in less accessible places. Then leave the jewel in the open so that it dries, do not rub (to avoid any scratches).

– Fine stones We recommend that you maintain and store your natural stone jewelry with the same care as your freshwater pearl jewelry. You can also gently clean them with an old soft toothbrush (make sure the brush is soft enough so you do not scratch the stone) and hot, soapy water (mild, neutral soap).

– 925 silver Silver jewelry that will not be worn for a period of time should be sealed in a plastic bag or cloth to minimize exposure to oxygen and moisture. By sealing your jewelry well, you will also protect them from scratches. Indeed, the other jewels that are in your chest can scratch the surfaces and damage your jewelry.

The most common cleaning method for 925 silver jewelry is to use a soft cloth (100% cotton) with a mild soap (preferably no phosphate) and lukewarm water. This removes all dirt or oils that may have been in contact with your jewelry.

Chemically treated polishing cloths are specially designed to clean and polish silver 925 jewelery.

– Natural silk Beblue’s creations love to combine with fabrics, including natural silk. To clean it, it is advisable to wash the silk with cold water and a mild soap. Be careful not to soak the other materials that make up your jewel. Let it dry flat and iron it, if necessary, with the greatest care, without putting too much heat.

– General informations Beaded jewels, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or pendants are stored away from other jewels in their original pocket or wrapped in a soft fabric. Mother-of-pearl, fine stone and 925 silver are fragile materials that can be scratched if exposed to impact or in contact with other jewelery.

Substances such as hairsprays, perfumes, certain skin secretions and sweatings can tarnish the luster of the jewels by making them dull and opaque, thus removing their shine. It is best to scent, apply hairspray, cream or apply other products before wearing your jewelry.

Avoid taking a shower, bathing or visiting a spa with your jewelry. Chlorine and other minerals in the water can damage silver, pearls, crystal and other stones. Finally, the best way to prevent tarnishing is to wear your jewelry regularly!


All our rings are standard size on the Canadian scale. To find out what size you need, we provide you with a chart below: simply measure the inside of a ring that makes you and select the size that is close to it. Also, you can go to your nearest jewelery store to take your measurement. The standard sizes available at Beblue are 5, 6, 7 and 8. Please contact us for other sizes available on order.
Measuring scale of the rings
Échelle de mesure des bagues


In order to help you choose the desired necklace size, you can see the image below.
Scale for measuring necklaces
Échelle de mesure des colliers
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