Water & Earth

Be one with the elements that surround you. Water is present everywhere in your life and within your body. Take the time to anchor yourself to the Earth as you walk and feel each step that brings you a little farther. Earth and water are two elements that personify stability, like the flow of a river that follows its set path or the trees that are firmly rooted in the soil. On one hand, blue opal represents tenderness, stoicism, and emotions. On the other, it evokes abundance and the need to take care of one’s surrounding. It is the essence of laying down roots. 

The Water and Earth collection is a perfect union of opal blue and brown stones, reminiscent of the powerful yet fragile balance between water and earth. This unique collection stands out due to its Flower of Life amulet, which, by its geometric shape, symbolizes the creation of life on Earth. Tap into the richness of earth and the fluidity of water, where everything is a question of balance.