Spring Blossom

Inspired by the butterflies’ wings, blooming flowers and nature’s awakening after winter, the Spring Blossom collection combines tones of blue, pale pink and gold, which create the most spectacular effect.

This collection evokes a period of self-development and rebirth. It celebrates new beginnings, and it reminds us that it is possible to start over and evolve. Nothing is permanent; on the contrary, everything is just change and adaptation.

The tulite and the lolite are two semi-precious stones that have been carefully chosen to give to the pretty pieces in this collection, specific properties. The tulite, which is a dark pink colour, brings positive energy, self-love and strength. The lolite, which is a bluish colour, helps with clarity of mind. Together, these stones make serenity and restful sleep easier. They also open the door for astral travel and a world full of possibilities.