Pink Sea

Let the waves gently rock you, feel the sand beneath your feet warm your soul, and recapture the calmness and peacefulness that inhabit you when you are on vacation. The Pink Sea collection evokes the sense of escape and the feeling of living in the moment as well as of protection and prosperity. It transports you to long walks on the seashore and spellbinding sunsets, and makes you dream of tropical escapades. Pink aventurine stones elicit hope and symbolize the fertility and power of women. With their accents of gold, sandy tones, and pink nuances, the pieces in this collection will go exceptionally well with your spring and summer outfits. Be exotic and carry the South with you everywhere. Dream of adventure and let yourself be imbued with the salty sea air with our tropical-theme pendants: cowrie shell, monstera, palm tree, and starfish. Escape will be within your reach like never before. Available in silver upon request.