Oriental Blue

Immerse yourself in pure and positive spiritual energy. Let yourself be drawn to the protective eye of the Blue Oriental collection. The intention behind our thoughts is very powerful, and jewelry can have a strong part in anchoring those intentions in our daily lives. For this collection, we wanted to create a protective aura in our image because, as women, we are sensitive to the energy that surrounds us. Jewelry adorned with an amulet, like the protective eye, helps us to give shape to our intentions and to tap into this inspirational energy. It can be worn around the neck for maximum protection (close to the heart – the center of the soul) or more discreetly on the wrist, as a ring, or even as earrings. 

In this collection, the blue shade of the Brazilian Sodalite also evokes protection. In Eastern culture and tradition, notably in Turkey, these bright blue, protective eyes adorn homes and fashion accessories of all types. The Brazilian Sodalite is a fine stone with a sublime, smooth texture. It’s so easy for us to fall for this stone as it lends itself so well to the classic and timeless style of jeans.