Ocean Mist

What is more soothing than the calm after the storm? This is the moment of tranquility when we finally find ourselves serene and at peace. Like the soft-hued and reassuring horizon that goes on forever, the Ocean Mist’s fine iolite stones, with their everchanging nuances and violet-blue tones, transport us to the realm of dreams and to the moment of intuitive truth. They convey the spirit of travel, exploration, and illumination.

According to legend, iolite allows us to access the inner eye that enables us to spiritually, and physically, transport ourselves from one location to another. Made of nacre, iolite, and paperclip-type links, this collection can be worn on a day-to-day basis because it is classic and timeless. Inspired by the fascinating nuances in the seaside sky at the end of a thunderstorm, the Ocean Mist collection is infused with the peacefulness and harmony that instills a feeling of calmness and gentleness; as though nature had just unburdened itself. As soon as the fog lifts, everything looks clearer to us.