Island Escape

Imagine lying on a white sand beach surrounded by a turquoise sea stretching infinitely on the horizon. Sunshine, seashells, palm trees, and a gentle breeze caressing your tanned skin. A most delicious moment of relaxation to enjoy. A break from your busy life where it feels so good to be.

The Island Escape collection is the very emblem of the summer vacations where you will find a colour palette combining azure blue, gold and mother-of-pearl in style. Brand new charms, such as the seashell and the starfish, have also joined this collection where the freshwater pearl has all the spotlight. The creamy and rich colour of freshwater pearls makes them a timeless classic, while their uneven surface gives them a more natural and contemporary look.

The angelite, also present in Island Escape, is known to strengthen feelings and facilitate concentration. It also carries endurance and stability. It is the perfect stone to help you regain strength during your summer break.