Good Vibes Only

Think back to the first pebble you picked up on the beach… a vestige of a vacation that marked your memory, or to the seashells you collected during a walk and have preserved with great care. They are testament to precious and happy memories. Pebbles also have symbolic value. We confide our wishes, desires, and yearnings to them. They transmit their most positive energy to us. It is with this in mind that we created the Good Vibes Only collection; that is, with the desire to rediscover that unmistakable energy that fills us when we find a pebble, polished by time, that can transform us for that brief moment.

This collection, consisting of white agate, features a pebble in its unprocessed natural form that evokes an emotion particular to each individual. It is a timeless, elegant amulet; its shape fluid, asymmetrical and imperfect The agate’s white colour represents purity, wisdom, peace, and compassion. Good Vibes Only is a comforting collection that elicits the fondest memories of your travels, escapades and adventures. It summons you to take care of yourself, and to be accepting of your feelings so that you may better understand them. Steer clear of the negative because here, it’s good vibes only!