Golden Oasis

Legend says that beyond the mountains of sand of the arid desert, there is an oasis with emerald coloured waters. It is a mythical place surrounded by giant palm trees and exotic birds, where it is possible to recharge and quench that thirst for life that inhabits each of us.

A place that seems to appear, at one point or another, in everyone’s life. A crossroads that empowers us to access the precious treasures that have been buried within ourselves. Those we too often forget on the journey of our lives.

The Golden Oasis collection features pink jade, jasper opalite and yellow gold, which will make the person who wears it shine brightly and stand out.

The jasper opalite is known for improving self-expression and spirituality. Its sparkly pearly reflections could also remove energy blocks and balance the yin and the yang. It is recommended to wear the pieces from this magnificent collection during transition periods to regain your light and inner peace.