Desert Kingdom

Summon the adventurer within you. The Desert Kingdom collection opens the door to the exotic, to the adventure, and to the mystery evoked by the immensity of the desert. What we perceive at first glance as being arid and barren is actually teeming with life if we take the time to observe and listen. Brown zebra jasper, smoky quartz, and mother of pearl are the very essence of this collection which will surprise you with its intriguing and mesmerizing qualities. The pieces adorned with evil eye and oriental jasmine will guide you on the path to your destiny. The Desert Kingdom collection is a reflection of your being and of the energy that resides within you.

Don’t be afraid to take risks; live life and dive headlong into it. Sometimes, when we reach an impasse, it can be difficult to see the richness of what we are experiencing in the present moment. However, it’s up to us to look beyond the current situation and to believe in our destiny. Available in silver upon request.