Our Know how

Production process

Ambre, the creator of Beblue Bijou creates several collections per year. Here is our creation and manufacturing process explained in a little more detail.

  1. Creation of the fashion mood boards for the season with the whole team. Our collections coordinate perfectly with fashion trends while remaining classic and timeless.

The mood boards allow us to define the themes and stories of the season.

  1. Once done, Ambre selects the stones, pearls and different components of the collection. This selection is made in collaboration with our various stone suppliers around the world.
  2. All new charms, pendants and clasps are hand drawn first, each design is unique and created by Beblue.
  1. Sketches are made and then re-produced in 3D, thus allowing the production of molds.

Once the molds are made, we proceed to the production of the 925 silver pieces.

Here are the steps:

Creation of the silicone mold

Assembling several parts on the same tree – Making a plaster mold around the wax

Casting in sterling silver

Rinsing and cleaning

Polishing by hand

  1. Subsequently, all of our pieces are plated to protect the silver against oxidation or to be plated with 14kt yellow or rose gold.
  2. With all the components and stones in hand, it is on Bollywood music that Ambre creates each pieces according to the chosen color themes and stories.
  1. Each jewelry created will then be named according to the particular emotion it evokes, according to the desired intention during the creation. We want every woman to recognize herself in our jewelry.