Maintenance and repairs

We recommend that you store your jewelry in a dry and dark environment, either in their original Beblue pouch or simply in a small plastic bag, so they are protected from moisture and light.

Avoid contact with chemicals, cosmetics, and some essential oils as they could alter the appearance of your jewelry.

You can consult the following section to learn more about how it.

What warranties do we offer?

We offer a six month warranty on each of our pieces of jewelry (upon presentation of the invoice). Beyond this warranty, all the elastic bands of our bracelets will be replaced free of charge at any time.

All types of out-of-warranty repairs are also accepted.

However, please be aware that after the first six months of warranty, repairs will be

charged at the following prices:

  • Re-stringing a necklace or a chain: $20.
  • Reconditioning of rings (cleaning, polishing, plating, checking the setting): $15.
  • Other repairs : A cost estimate will be given.

Is it possible to request a modification on our jewelry pieces?

As a general rule, we don’t accept to make changes on the original design of our jewelry.

We can, however, adjust the size.