Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holidays are a great reminder to get together and to enjoy every moment with people we love. Inspire yourself with our 2017 holiday gift guide to find the perfect jewel to spread love and happiness, or simply treat yourself!

If it is your first Beblue jewel, consider starting with one of our essentials that goes with either color you wear. Our designer recommends the Be Razzled Dazzled or the Be Surya Razzled Dazzled, to begin with us. Another great base is the Be Surya Brave, which is made of both gold and silver. Some hesitate to mix them, but this jewel is unanimous!

For the everlasting romantics, our heart shaped symbol can explicitely express your feelings. This emblem can be seen on our Be Romantic and Be Surya Romantic bracelets as well as the matching earrings in silver (BO1485) and in gold (BO1485-GLD). When we think about this time of year, we think of sparkly! Offer a bracelet that shines and represent the brightness of the holidays. Be Twinkly and Be Surya Glowing express this magical time. Whether it is to improove an outfit or simply add a fancy touch, these bracelets are perfect to have all eyes on you.

If you are looking for an empressing bracelet worn alone or with others, Be Surya Triple is the one you need. In sterling silver and 14kt gold plated sterling silver, its triple tons allws you to wear it with anything. Our Be Surya Essential has the same mesmerizing effect.

A big trend this year is the ring stacks. We are suggesting in this guide two ring models that are gorgeous alone or put side to side. Be Divine ring Gold and Be Celest are our best sellers and we can understand why. They radiate elegance and unicity.

A gift guide cannot exclude a heart pendant chain. It is why we recommand the short chain Be Romantic and for those who prefer long ones, the Be Passionate. Pearls necklaces are also great holidays’ classics. Our Be Wonderful necklace can also be worn as a triple bracelet.

To know all our recommandations, consult our PDF gift guide! We have gathered our essentials, our classics, our holiday bracelets, our elegant chains and our favorite rings.

Be inspired: 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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