Glossary and materials


these pearls are mainly found in southeast asia’s lakes and rivers.

their range of colours is quite var- ied, from white, cream and cham- pagne tones to purples and dark blues.

Fresh water cultured pearls are grafted in by humans, and devel- op and are born in mollusks called freshwater mussels.

tahitian Pearls come from nacre secretions from a specific type of oyster, the Pinctada margaritifera, which lives in the warm Polynesian waters. tahitian pearls offer a kaleidoscope of colours such as black, green, purple, blue, grey, brown and, more unusually, silver, golden or white. the tahitian pearl reflects the elegance and beauty of French Polynesia and is a true, unique and authentic treasure.

mother-of-pearl, or nacre, is the basic substance secreted by mollusks, oysters in particular, to line the inside of their shells. nacre pearls are man-made using the nacre from mollusks that is first reduced to a powder before being reworked. the material therefore remains natural even though the pearls are manufactured.


925 silver (also called “sterling silver”) contains at least 92.5% silver, the remaining 7.5% being made up of other metals, most often copper. since pure silver is very pliable, the silver-copper alloy is necessary to lend the material sufficient strength to make jewelry. the metal alloy used in Beblue jewelry also includes a substance designed to slow down the tarnishing process.

this is a piece of jewelry made from 925 silver plated with a thin coat of rhodium. this type of alloy imparts a more luminous radiance to the jewelry and slows down silver’s natural oxidation process, since it protects it against the chemicals responsible for blackening.

Gold & Rose Gold

a piece of jewelry made of vermeil is jewelry made from 925 silver coated with at least 2.5 micrometers of gold. it is therefore entirely made of these two precious metals.

gold filled is a thick coat of 14-carat gold applied to a base of brass or copper. For a piece of jewelry to be considered gold filled, the weight of gold in the final piece must be equivalent to one-twentieth of its total weight. When compared to gold-plated jewelry, it contains fifty to one hundred percent more gold. it is therefore easy to understand why gold filled jewelry is more resistant than classic gilt.


swarovski Crystal has become a staple of international design and currently positions itself as a world leader in terms of crystal. the company has been providing original precious stones and preci- sion-cut crystals for high-end jewelry since 1965.

Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic stone, which means in is man-made. this stone is especially sought-after by jewelers for the numerous features it shares with diamonds.

gemstones include all stones used in jewelry that are not one of the four precious stones: diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.