BE INSPIRED: Canary Coast

Escape under the palm trees with our Canary Coast theme.

The beach that gives off a refreshing summer breeze;

The infinite and turquoise ocean;

The sun rays that warm the sand.

Lemon, a soft yellowish shade, exudes freshness. Tibet, for its part, is a natural blend of turquoise, red and yellow, which emanates tropical exoticism. Combined with gold, these shades are perfectly highlighted. Wear them with light and original clothes!

Canary Coast also highlights freshwater pearls, which develop and are born in mollusks called mules, after they have been grafted by humans. Find them on several of our creations from the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, including the Be Wise chain and the Be Irreplaceable necklace. To fully highlight this natural material, place the Be Compelling and Be Irresistible chains on a plain and bright sweater.


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