BE INFORMED: Creating a perfect bracelet kit

Many people, when trying to create a bracelet set, where to start. Here is the perfect recipe to create a Beblue set, perfected by our Designer and President Amber Cadoux.

1. Essence:

Start your set with one of our essentials. Find a jewel that will be used as a timeless and versatile base. This bracelet can be reused in several different sets. Some of our recommendations are the Be Razzled-Dazzled, in gold or silver, the Be Bold, in any metal or size, as well as the Be Essential. As you might have noticed, it mostly consists of sterling silver, rose gold or gold bracelet in order to give you the possibility to change your set while keeping the same essence.


2. Light:

Express your personality by choosing the main color of your composition. This hue will add beautiful light and make it shine. The Be Candied and Be Euphoric bracelets are very nice options to determine the theme of your set, since they have several stones and beads, creating, therefore, a story. Also, the Be Brave bracelet offered in a wide variety of colors, represents one of our recommendations!


3. Volume :

Alternate textures and shapes by including a bracelet of a different volume. Distinctive reliefs embellish and characterize a creation. The Be Urban bracelet, for example, adds a different effect with its braided leather and its engraved binding. Another great option for volume step is the Be Surya Natural bracelet with a unique and natural fine stone insert. If your set is mostly composed of bracelets in small diameters, go for a wider jewel such as Be Optimistic in 10mm, and vice versa.

4. Fancy:

Finally, complete your set by adding a fancy touch. Tassels or charms will personalize your creation and make it unique. The Be Unpredictable bracelet, thanks to its insertion of chains and charms will inevitably add fantasy. Also, the Be Wild or Be Universal jewels will complete your creation.

If you have any questions about matching jewelry, please let us know! It will be our pleasure to help you create your story.

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