Rome, the capital of Italy, is an indispensable city to visit for many reasons. Discover this city through the desires of our designer, Ambre Cadoux, who recently took inspiration from it. Delicious dishes, prestigious remains, and ambitious shows, Rome has a lot to offer!


Be Hosted:

A wonderful place to rest at night is the Horti 14 hotel. The contemporary style of this one, as well as the calm which reigns there compared to the animation of the small streets of the Trastevere district, knew how to charm our designer from the moment he entered. All overlooking a private garden, the rooms in this small hotel are worth the effort to recharge your batteries while feeling pleasantly at home.



Be A Foodie


This short guide to Rome would not be complete without looking at the food. World-renowned for its pasta and pizzas, Italy is full of culinary wonders. However, what caught Ambre’s attention was a granite kiosk, a simplicity she described as extraordinary. Since 1913, Alla Fonte D’oro has been offering “Grattachecca”, which consists of a citrus juice granita, topped with fresh fruit and fresh coconut, all cut and freshly squeezed in front of you. “There is nothing better on a hot day in the streets of Rome than a Grattachecca made with love! “says the designer.

For a more hearty meal, stop by Roma Sparita and order a Caccio e Pepe! This is a typically Roman dish served on a parmesan bowl. A real delight for lovers of Italian cuisine or cheese!






Be Trendy

Start your shopping trip to Rome via Via del Corso, an unmissable boulevard in the city. It is full of famous shops as well as small family shops from one end to the other. Via del Corso has the largest concentration of shops, and this, very close to historical sites.

For those who appreciate the luxurious brands, a visit to Via Condotti is a must. You will find plenty of elegance, such as Gucci, Versace, and Chanel. This well-known alley will charm you with its prestigious and haute-couture fashion.






Be Inspired

In Rome, many porticoes are beautifully decorated with wrought iron. These Italian portals inspired the designer for the new piece entitled Be an Explorer chain and  Be a Globe-Trotter bracelet, it represents the earth and its thousand wonders. Take a closer look and discover our Rosace made of sterling silver woven yarn.

Other places of inspiration, the Vatican and the Capitol Museum are culturally important institutions that are worth seeing. The story behind these places will inspire you and fill you with emotion. The Coliseum is also majestic because of its original and unique structure.


Be Entertained :

Don’t miss a performance at the most famous opera stage Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, also known as Costanzi. Opened in 1880, the theatre performs almost continuously opera and ballet pieces that will charm you with their grace. The rooms vary from month to month, so you need to book your place as soon as possible!


Your stay in Rome will take you away from it all with its architecture and culture. Three days will not be enough to let you discover all that Rome has to offer!


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