An introduction to our Spring-Summer 2019 collection

A pleasantly exotic world takes place in this new Spring-Summer 2019 collection. Explore new destinations through our creations inspired by the feeling of admiration for the wonders that nature has created. While “Blue Jean”, “Sky Blue” and “Lapis” recall the beauty of the Greek islands, “Tibet”, “Caribbean” and “Apricot” transport you to a market full of colourful and tasty spices. Refresh yourself with the shades “Gelato”, “Sorbet” and “Citron”, the delicacy of which radiates a soft feeling of lightness.

Enhance your outfits and express your joie de vivre by layering luminous chains and necklaces in exotic shades. Discover our new seasonal pieces such as “Flamingo” and “Palm Tree” which can be found in both our bracelets and necklaces. Add a personalized touch with the more timeless “Intention”, thus expressing a feeling that is close to your heart.

We are pleased to unveil the Spring-Summer 2019 collection, which we hope will charm you. Inspired by the beauty of the world, Beblue’s creations are an ode to self-expression, to the uniqueness of each individual and to the richness that daily happiness brings.

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