Water & Earth

Become one with the elements around you. Water is present everywhere in your life and in your body. Take the time to ground yourself as you walk the earth, feel each step that always takes you a little further. Earth and water are two elements that are characterized by their stability, like the waves of the river that follow their course or the trees that are so firmly rooted in the ground. On the one hand, blue gold represents softness, quiet strength and emotions. On the other, we evoke abundance, the need to take care of those around us, it is rootedness in its simplest form. 

The Water and Earth collection is a perfect harmony of blue and brown Opal stones recalling the powerful but fragile balance between water and earth. Unique, this collection stands out with its Flower of Life charm, whose geometric shape symbolizes the creation of life on earth. Tap into the richness of the earth and the fluidity of the water, where everything is a question of balance.

Beblue Jewelry is an ode to women, we want them to express their personality through our unique bracelets, dazzling earrings and refined chains.
Sterling silver, 14kt gold vermeil, agates, quartz, jasper and fine stones are combined with style and intention in our Montreal workshops.