Pink Sea

Let yourself be lulled to the rhythm of the waves, feel the sand under your feet warm your soul and rediscover the calm and inner peace that inhabit you during your getaways. The Pink Sea Collection evokes escape, mindfulness of the present moment, protection and prosperity. It takes you to long walks by the sea, to bewitching sunsets and makes you dream of great getaways in the tropics. Pink aventurine stones offer a glimmer of hope and symbolize fertility and female power. This collection with golden accents goes perfectly with your spring and summer outfits with its sand tones and pink nuances. Be exotic, wear the south every day, dream of adventure and let yourself be invaded by salty air with its tropical charms: cowrie shells, monstera, palm tree and starfish. Escape has never been so much within your reach. Available in silver on order.

Beblue Jewelry is an ode to women, we want them to express their personality through our unique bracelets, dazzling earrings and refined chains.
Sterling silver, 14kt gold vermeil, agates, quartz, jasper and fine stones are combined with style and intention in our Montreal workshops.