Himalayan Pink

Let yourself be seduced by this gentle collection that will accompany you every day on the path of change and renewal. Finally let go and lose track of time to become fully aware of the energy, courage and strength within you. The Himalaya rose collection is aimed at all those wishing to begin a process of confidence and self-acceptance. The entire universe invites you to open up to it and to the nature that surrounds you. Life has so much to offer you.

The ruby ​​quartz, as well as the mother-of-pearl beads that make up the jewels of this collection, reflect softness, delicacy and refinement thanks to the luminosity created by gold and silver accents.

Faced with the immensity of the Himalayas, we can only become aware of the strength that coexists with our fragility. To trust in the greatness of the universe and of nature is also to trust in ourselves, as well as in others.

Beblue Jewelry is an ode to women, we want them to express their personality through our unique bracelets, dazzling earrings and refined chains.
Sterling silver, 14kt gold vermeil, agates, quartz, jasper and fine stones are combined with style and intention in our Montreal workshops.