Contemporary Elegance

Will you hear the sweet melody made by the pendants of a crystal chandelier or the rustle of silken skirts from a bygone era? Do you hear the echo of distant laughter and the clink of champagne glasses? 

The Contemporary Elegance collection reminds us that some things are independent of the passage of time. Elegantly celebrating the beauty of the modern woman, this collection showcases subtlety and delicacy through an exquisite blend of silver, gold, pearls, calcite and rutilated quartz. 

At the heart of this most stylish collection is the beautiful calcite. This stone facilitates the expression of creativity specific to each person, and encourages those who wear it to see the more positive side of life. Rutilated quartz brings a touch of clarity and brilliance to the collection, making these jewels timeless classic pieces.

Beblue Jewelry is an ode to women, we want them to express their personality through our unique bracelets, dazzling earrings and refined chains.
Sterling silver, 14kt gold vermeil, agates, quartz, jasper and fine stones are combined with style and intention in our Montreal workshops.